Star Trek Discovery Recap FREQcast

Star Trek Discovery Recap FREQcast

Excited about a new Star Trek series appearing on the horizon after 12 long years? So were wildly dissimilar Star Trek fans Anita Sarkeesian and Ebony Aster, until they actually sat down and watched the show. Listen to them crack wise every Monday about new episodes of Star Trek Discovery, the latest entry in the long-running franchise. The hosts dissect everything from Vulcan hair decrees to Tribble stunt casting, and try to come up with a compelling reason why the Klingons can’t stay the same from one series to the next. Week by week, Anita will try to sneak in an attempt to convince Ebony to reassess her ranking of Voyager as the 4th most interesting Star Trek property, while Ebony gets distracted by Discovery’s many shiny surfaces. Subscribe today!

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    Star Trek Discovery | S01 EP15: "Will You Take My Hand?"

    Anita and Ebony bid a fond farewell to Star Trek Discovery on this final episode of the Recap FREQcast (well, until DISCO returns in 2019). Tune in and find out how often Anita was overcome with genuine human emotion by the cheesiest things; why Ebony couldn't grade Burnham's hair this week; and speculation over whether Saru will get passed over for the captain's job in favor of a less-qualified white dude. Don't forget to show your support by rating & reviewing the show! And hey: if you feel lost without Anita and Ebony's hijinks in your life, catch them over on Feminist Frequency Radio every week:!

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    BONUS: The Unbearable Wrongness of Mycelium Science

    As we bid adieu to the first season of Star Trek Discovery, the Recap FREQcast has something special for our dedicated (and long-suffering) audience: a bonus rant from game industry pro and Star Trek fan, Emily Taylor! Emily has an advanced academic background in plant pathology, and if you were wondering "Is Star Trek getting its mycelium science right?" -- Emily is here to confirm that they are very much not. Tune in to this fascinating exploration of ST's "sciencey-wiency" language and a mind-blowing reveal about the character of Paul Stamets.

    Emily has a Bachelor of Science and a Masters of Science in Plant Pathology (i.e. plant diseases, specializing in mycology), although these days she works in the computer game industry. She can be found on twitter posting lots of cat and food photos @pentapod.

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    Star Trek Discovery | S01 EP14: "The War Without, The War Within"

    With only 1 more episode to go after tonight's emotion-filled warp back into the prime universe, Anita admits that questions about show logic are useless and she should just enjoy the ride. Ebony feels put out by Saru getting booted from the captain's chair TWICE, and both Anita and Ebony wonder: why is Ash Tyler? Just...why? Subscribe today and stay tuned for an upcoming special bonus rant from a listener on Star Trek science!

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    Star Trek Discovery | S01 EP13: "What's Past Is Prologue"

    In this week's episode, Ebony reveals that a significant portion of her enjoyment of DISCO springs from the knowledge that Anita is somewhere suffering through all the gaping plot holes, ill-conceived mayhem, and occasionally terrible set design. Anita shares some good Stamets dialogue, while Ebony has to admit that she didn't absolutely love Burnham's hair this week. It was an episode packed with inspirational Saru, badass Giorgiou, and a leering Jason Isaacs -- and we had stuff to say about all of it. Tune in and subscribe so you don't miss a single episode!

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    Star Trek Discovery | S01 EP12: "Vaulting Ambition"

    This epsisode of the Star Trek Discovery Recap FREQcast, Anita discovers to her horror that her trusty co-host has been replaced by a 2 finga ring-sporting clone from the Mirror Universe. Mirror-Ebony proclaims her love for space minivans and futuristic pajama talk between a loving Culber and Stamets; while Anita takes a sip from her tall glass of haterade and asks a lot of questions about the Emperor, Lorca,and simple physics that the Discovery scriptwriters probably won't answer. Plus: Ebony reveals a startling new plan during this week's Hair Report. Tune in and subscribe today!

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    Star Trek Discovery | S01 EP11: "The Wolf Inside"

    In this episode, our intrepid hosts continue to coast on impulse power through the mirror universe with the crew of Discovery, trying and failing to muster any interest in what's happening after last week's uncharacteristic goodness! Ebony expresses her surprise at Burnham's excellent hair situation given the lack of satin sleep bonnets on ship; Anita finds the revelation of the Emperor's identity to be less of a thrill than it could have been; and audiences everywhere yell in frustration when basic plot logic takes a holiday. Tune in and subscribe today!

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    Star Trek Discovery | S01 EP10: "Despite Yourself"

    No one is more surprised than Anita and Ebony when they tune in to the latest episode of Star Trek Discovery and realize to their utter astonishment that they are actually ok with what's occurring on screen. Anita reveals more tremendous gaps in her Star Trek knowledge, Ebony tries to cover up for the fact that she had to Google everyone's names again; and Burnham's hair is rated as moisturized and luminous. Subscribe today so you don't miss a single vital episode of the Disco Recap FREQcast!

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    Star Trek Discovery | S01 EP09: " Into the Forest I Go"

    In our last new episode of the Discovery Recap FREQcast before the fall hiatus, Anita and Ebony tackle the thorny issues surrounding media representations of PTSD; explore some of the scientific questions they are wildly unqualified to address; and wrestle with whether they'll care any more about Stamets after a short break (probably not). Subscribe today!

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    Star Trek Discovery | S01 EP08: " Si Vis Pacem, Para Bellum"

    In this week's episode, things get truly loopy as Anita poses an almost impossible version of "Would You Rather" for Ebony regarding the Discovery's crew; Ebony bemoans the lack of quality Saru; and the hosts apologize for making the exact kind of appearance-based critiques around Stamets that they wouldn't stand for from other media critics. All in all, our hosts continue to wrestle with Discovery's death-by-meh storylines. Send us your questions on Twitter and remember to subscribe today!

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    Star Trek Discovery | S01 EP07: "Magic to Make the Sanest Man Go Mad"

    Oh, of Course. A Time Crystal. Of Course. Sure. Just when Anita and Ebony thought it was safe to go back in the water, Star Trek Discovery offers up a truly bonkers time loop episode with few redeeming moments but plenty to unpack. Ebony finds herself in the unfamiliar position of not totally loving Burnham's hair, and Anita points out that Tyler appears to be on a undeserved career fast track. Plus, we share some great listener messages. Subscribe today!

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    Star Trek Discovery | S01 EP06: "Lethe"

    In our latest episode of the Star Trek Discovery Recap FREQcast, Ebony and Anita go back and forth on whether the show is “interesting” (only occasionally); whether anyone cares about getting their nutritional information from a replicator (they don’t); and if Lt. Stamets will ever get blown out of an airlock (he won’t). Anita fails to realize that the crew’s DISCO shirts are a reference to the ship and not souvenirs from a holiday on Rigel, and Ebony continues to ponder everyone’s hair. We also answer some listener questions! Subscribe now!

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    Star Trek Discovery | S01 EP05: "Choose Your Pain"

    In our latest episode of the Star Trek Discovery Recap FREQcast, Ebony is put in the baffling position of being more upbeat about the show's progress than Anita. We chat about our thoughts concerning the presentation of some key crew members, and Anita tries to slip in some Voyager love, all to no avail. Ebony continues to do the vital work of sharing her impressions of the hair of the black women on board the Discovery. Subscribe now!

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    Star Trek Discovery | S01 EP04: "The Butcher's Knife..."

    This week, Anita and Ebony are cautiously optimistic about the development of Star Trek Discovery’s depiction of the Klingons, as well as our introduction to Ripper and what its presence portends for Burnham’s growth as a more fully realized character.

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    Star Trek Discovery | S01 EP03

    On the second episode of our Star Trek Discovery FREQcast, Anita and Ebony are horrified by the show’s further entrenchment into warmongering fantasy, but are delighted with Lt. Burnham’s steely, unconventional problem solving. Ebony continues to be fascinated by Burnham’s hair.

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    Star Trek Discovery | S01 EP 1 & 2

    Listen in as Anita and Ebony talk about the first two episodes of the new series, “The Vulcan Hello” and “Battle at the Binary Stars" as they attempt to wrestle with Starfleet’s mission of exploration, the draw of a woman of color in command, and why Ebony will be paying close attention to Lt. Burnham’s hair over the course of the season.

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