Star Trek Discovery Recap FREQcast

Star Trek Discovery Recap FREQcast

Excited about a new Star Trek series appearing on the horizon after 12 long years? So were wildly dissimilar Star Trek fans Anita Sarkeesian and Ebony Aster, until they actually sat down and watched the show. Listen to them crack wise every Monday about new episodes of Star Trek Discovery, the latest entry in the long-running franchise. The hosts dissect everything from Vulcan hair decrees to Tribble stunt casting, and try to come up with a compelling reason why the Klingons can’t stay the same from one series to the next. Week by week, Anita will try to sneak in an attempt to convince Ebony to reassess her ranking of Voyager as the 4th most interesting Star Trek property, while Ebony gets distracted by Discovery’s many shiny surfaces. Subscribe today!

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    Star Trek Discovery | S02, EP08: "If Memory Serves"

    In this week's episode, Ebony is joined again by "slightly delusional Star Trek fangirl" Francine Crockett, aka Spock Jones. Rather than make more easily-googleable errors about TOS continuity, Ebony decided it was better to bring back an actual Trek expert (a "trek-xpert," if you will) to break down for us all the ins-and-outs of this week's journey to Talos IV. Join us as we break down our reactions to this episode's deeply emotional moments; the welcome upgrades to the Talosians and Tellurites; and whether Giorgiou could be any more perfect.

    Shout out to @cezar_turcanu for sharing his Red Angel theory. Go watch the short Trek"Calypso" and you'll know what we're talking about!

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    Star Trek Discovery | S02, EP07: "Light and Shadows"

    Anita gets a little too excited when her one night stand (Tyler) and her future husband (Pike) are on an away mission together. We finally meet Disco Spock and well, that just sort of happened. There are some weird gender roles happening on Vulcan that we ain’t to happy about. Plus Ebony is not having any of baby vulcan hair.

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    Star Trek Discovery | S02, EP06: "Sounds of Thunder"

    In this weeks episode of the Star Trek Discovery Recap FREQcast, Ebony and Anita are joined in Ten Forward by overly enthusiastic Star Trek fan, Sarah Gulde. Guided by her expertise, your two feckless hosts attempt to step up their game and discuss their reactions to this week's episode in a coherent, informed manner [spoiler alert: they are unable to sustain it]. Tune in for a conversation about the compelling emotive work of Doug Jones as Saru, what first contact would actually be like, and whether Anita and Sarah can convince Ebony to give Pike a chance.


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    Star Trek Discovery | S02, EP05: "Saints of Imperfection"

    Ebony has fallen out an airlock this week, so Anita is holding down the fort for Star Trek Discovery's S02E05 "Saints of Imperfection". Joining her is special guest Jarrah Hodge, co-host of the Women at Warp podcast. Listen in while we lament all the Bad Science nonsense, grapple with the direction of season two and hear a very sad attempt by Anita to hold up the hair report.

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    Star Trek Discovery | S02, EP04: "An Obol for Charon"

    Anita is back and just in time for all the wild antics of Episode 4: An Obol for Charon (which apparently is pronounced karon and what even is an obol-- spoilers: we will not be answering any of these questions). But we will dive into what this episode gets so right and what it bumbles around on. Who can resist a dying civilization? And a dying best friend? And oh god the waterworks. Ebony asks what is up with Burnham's wig and Anita is thankful for Tilly's hair which is the gift that keeps on giving.

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    Star Trek Discovery | S02, EP03: "Point of Light"

    The Star Trek Discovery Recap FREQcast brings you a gift from the Mirror Universe this week: a special guest! Ebony is joined by an old friend and fellow Trekkie as she attempts to navigate the treacherous currents of this week's episode without Anita there to offer snarky comments from the brig. Join Ebony and Francine, a self-identified "slightly delusional Star Trek fangirl" for a conversation about nostalgia, omnipotent aliens, and why those Party City Klingon wigs have got to go.

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    Star Trek Discovery | S02, EP02: "New Eden"

    Anita and Ebony are back on bridge duty this week with Feminist Frequency Star Trek Discovery Recap FREQcast, deciphering narrative arcs, giving hair reports, steering through the highly illogical, and generally questioning what keeps us watching other than Tilly.

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    Star Trek Discovery | S02, EP01: "Brother"

    It's here! The long-awaited return of the not-at-all inconveniently named Feminist Frequency Star Trek Discovery Recap FREQcast! Anita and Ebony are back on bridge duty, deciphering narrative arcs, steering through plot[worm]holes, and generally questioning what lead them to start this podast in the first place.

    In this week's show, we share our reactions to the first episode of Discovery's second season and unpack what worked for us [some stuff]; what didn't work [quite a bit more stuff]; and our utter confusion about who is going to be doing Baby Burnham's hair on Vulcan. Listen, rate, review, and subscribe so you don't miss a single episode!

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    Star Trek Discovery | S01 EP15: "Will You Take My Hand?"

    Anita and Ebony bid a fond farewell to Star Trek Discovery on this final episode of the Recap FREQcast (well, until DISCO returns in 2019). Tune in and find out how often Anita was overcome with genuine human emotion by the cheesiest things; why Ebony couldn't grade Burnham's hair this week; and speculation over whether Saru will get passed over for the captain's job in favor of a less-qualified white dude. Don't forget to show your support by rating & reviewing the show! And hey: if you feel lost without Anita and Ebony's hijinks in your life, catch them over on Feminist Frequency Radio every week:!

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    BONUS: The Unbearable Wrongness of Mycelium Science

    As we bid adieu to the first season of Star Trek Discovery, the Recap FREQcast has something special for our dedicated (and long-suffering) audience: a bonus rant from game industry pro and Star Trek fan, Emily Taylor! Emily has an advanced academic background in plant pathology, and if you were wondering "Is Star Trek getting its mycelium science right?" -- Emily is here to confirm that they are very much not. Tune in to this fascinating exploration of ST's "sciencey-wiency" language and a mind-blowing reveal about the character of Paul Stamets.

    Emily has a Bachelor of Science and a Masters of Science in Plant Pathology (i.e. plant diseases, specializing in mycology), although these days she works in the computer game industry. She can be found on twitter posting lots of cat and food photos @pentapod.

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